Has the Bank Denied your Company a Business Loan? Zapper Credit Solutions can help.

The Evolution of True Business Credit

Over 95% of all small business loan applications are denied by banks!

A depressing statistic if you’re a business person looking for funding. And while there seems to be no shortage of advice for new entrepreneurs – articles like “Top Ten Strategies for Financing your Start-up,” “How the SBA can help your Small Business,” and “Enhanced Personal Credit is the key to Small Business Success” are common place – the unfortunate truth is that most authors of such articles have never created a successful new business. This conclusion is inescapable given the extensive misstatements and counterproductive advice frequently disseminated in the popular financial press.

You need help from someone who has been successful in helping real businesses get real business loans. Going to the SBA, using retirement funds, tapping out personal credit cards or seeking venture capital in exchange for a lion’s share of equity are common themes of so called “business magazines.” The unfortunate theme of all such approaches is that they are based, virtually in toto, upon your personal credit. They are not grounded upon a foundation of separate business credit that is distinct and apart from your personal credit. This key of “separateness” is the crux of true business credit.

The cornerstones to your business credit foundation are two core processes:
1.    Creation of the correct business structure, and
2.    Systematic processes to insure that your business is fully compliant with all of the evaluative criteria used by a) lenders and b) corporate credit rating agencies.

In addition to these mechanistic features, you need to create an emotional appeal for your business – a Business Plan that will cause a lender to believe that you, notwithstanding the odds, will actually succeed and prosper. We have extensive experience helping a wide variety of business prepare this quality and type of plan.

An often overlooked fact is the importance of an effective website in the credit assessment process; one of the first things a lender does is to look you up online. If your website looks like an incomplete or unprofessional effort, it will hurt you. Conversely, if your site Pops! – you’ve taken an important step to creating an indispensable impression – the impression that you’re for real, you have gravitas, and the bank would do well to attract and keep a client like you!

Once you have an appropriate corporate structure, proper credit acceleration processes in place, and a comprehensive plan, you need to undertake the actual work of building the separate business credit. In sum, paying bills on time and, when appropriate, pushing the envelop to expand your businesses credit. It is critical that you follow an appropriate ascending scale when expanding credit. Seek too little, and you’re not building the correct foundation. Seek too much, and you face a denial that will claw you back. We are experts at this process.

The Critical Evolutionary Stage

Critical mass is when you reach the point where you are ready to convert the credit profile we have helped you create into actual business financing. Your two options – debt financing (a loan) or equity financing (investor gives you money in exchange for equity.) Frequently, small business owners think that equity financing is easier to acquire and preferable. Actually, the opposite is true. However, there are times when equity financing has advantages. When that is true, we can help you present your case to equity financiers.

The saying that “the longest journey begins with a single step” is especially apropos to the creation of business credit. You just need to get started, on the right path, and keep at it. If you follow our protocols, you will – absolutely will – succeed. Get going today!


3 thoughts on “Has the Bank Denied your Company a Business Loan? Zapper Credit Solutions can help.

  1. What about accounts receivable factoring? For some small businesses and start ups it may be their only option available to obtain working capital to cover operating expenses, or to support expansion. These days… credit is tight and banks aren’t lending.

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