The Small Business Stimulus Package: YAY! Or NAY!

As most small business owners waited in great anticipation for help from this new government, many have come to realize that there is no easy way out of this economic downturn. Last week when the small business stimulus package was announced, I swear I heard a sigh of great discontent from the entrepreneurs and small business owners of the US.  But wait, don’t fret too soon, there is light at the end of this tunnel… there is relief in sight, and quite possibly it could be coming from a government agency, but only with your help as a small business owner.

As this new government gets down and dirty developing and implementing the strategies needed to loosen credit accessibility for the small business owner, you as the small business owner need to roll up your sleeves and commit to an action plan as well, getting your company creditworthy. Otherwise, your business will not see any changes with this “Call to Arms” small business stimulus package.

What all small business owners should be doing right now is looking at the core of their businesses; determining whether or not there is a solid foundation to build their businesses on.  I know, you’re asking yourself “what does that mean exactly?” “How can I get my company creditworthy?”

Well, let’s look at your business like you look at yourself.

In life you have to establish yourself and your identity in order to establish credit; so when you’re born you get a Social Security number, right? Same thing applies when you start your business, you get an EIN number. Now as you grow, your identity grows as well, all tied to your Social Security number. You, as a business owner, should be doing the same thing with your EIN number; growing your business’ identity (this identity is actually called your business profile).

*Remember, you are growing your business identity so you want to keep this a BUSINESS profile that is very separate from your personal profile. “Why?” you ask… because if your business and personal profiles are intertwined, it will reflect on your personal profile and this reflection will most definitely be negative.

For example, when it comes to personal credit, you know that there are agencies that govern and regulate it. You must sign documentation in order for anyone to check your credit. This is completely contrary to the business credit industry; there are no such regulations. What that means to you is that when you are personally tied to any business loans, i.e. credit cards or vendor lines of credit, those businesses extending credit to you have the ability to obtain your credit report at any time, as many times a day as they want to; thus lowering your personal credit score all the while.

Let’s look at this scenario a little closer…
Now that your personal credit score is dwindling because your personal and business profiles are all wrapped up together, what lending institution is going to consider giving you any sort of loan???

This is only one example of how detrimental it is to not have separated your business profile from your personal profiles. And now, the way this new stimulus package for small business owners is being laid out, lenders need to take the extra effort to make sure good loans are getting to the creditworthy small businesses.

Eight years ago, my husband and business partner Graig and I realized the need for the separation of personal and business life.  This realization has helped us to develop a very specific step by step process guaranteeing business credit that is completely separate from personal credit, as well as create a personal goal; GET ALL SMALL BUSINESSES CREDITWORTHY in the US!

Our company has over 30,000 clients and that number is climbing daily, because we are here to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to succeed. With our business credit building programs you will qualify your business for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business credit, regardless of what your personal credit score looks like; and in most cases you will see your personal credit score rise. We have a 12 step program specifically designed to get results.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for you, the small business owner, to commit to building your business the correct way! The way that will enable you to withstand any economic storm because you will have access to the capital you need to not only stay afloat, but to grow your business.

Susan Zapper
CEO Nevada State Corporate Network, Inc.
CEO Zapper Credit Solutions, Inc.


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