How to Avoid This Credit Crisis

Let Zapper Credit Solutions Teach You How to Avoid This Credit Crisis

The number one way to avoid the credit crisis is to understand why companies fail.

First, discover the root of the problem.

Learning from others’ mistakes will help you to recognize what not to do.


Most small businesses are closing their doors due to four key factors.

1. There is a lack of common vision. The people in your organization should have the same goals and agenda. Think of it this way; if everyone in your organization takes pride in their jobs they will be apt to be more productive. Pride and ego are giant weapons business owners should appeal to. Create a culture not only you take pride in, but all of your staff takes pride in as well.

2. The majority of people have poor self and time management skills. Granted, nobody wants to hear that they have bad self management or time management skills, but it’s your job as the leader to make your team efficient; being sure the correct amount of time is being allotted for consistent and excellent operations as well as new projects.

3. There is a lack of clear job roles. Defined roles, responsibilities, and accountability lead to the development of a real team. If you or others in your organization do not know what their jobs actually are, it generally leads to chaos. An example of this: One person may be working on the same exact project 3 other people are working on without even knowing it. In turn wasting a great amount of time and resources; not to mention money. Your team should work like cogs, the first cog (you) turning the next (your management) turning the next (your staff) and so on throughout your entire organization.

4. Lack of skill. This may be the most detrimental factor of all. 94% of the entrepreneurs and small business owners I have coached have believed they knew it all. Granted, you should be the experts in whatever industry you are in. However, there are many facets to owning and operating a successful business. Marketing, finance, sales, distribution, etc., etc., etc. For example, you may know everything there is to know about making the best tasting cupcakes, but that doesn’t mean you know anything about the financing behind start up costs or even the licenses you will need to create a business foundation for your bakery. That is why it is important to have mentors and/or an advisory team.

My wife and business partner, Susan Zapper, and I have been mentoring entrepreneurs and small business owners for the past 10 years. As the need for business coaching became more prevalent, we decided to dedicate ourselves to educating the Nation on the do’s and don’ts of building a successful business. We knew that we had created a step-by-step system second to none which could be implemented into any business, regardless of industry, ensuring true business success.

Now, 8 years later, Zapper Credit Solutions, Inc. has become the number one resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners; and for good reason.

While big businesses are collecting bailouts, small businesses are closing their doors left and right, catapulting the unemployment rates to astronomical percentages. When what we should be doing is determining the means needed to be taken to overcome these challenges. Which is what Zapper Credit Solutions is doing… providing the solutions to small business problems.

Zapper Credit Solutions can show you the way to achieve the dreams and goals you had when you first got into business for yourself. Our Fast Track Business Credit Builder Program can get your business qualified for the small business bail out money.

Small businesses are the force behind keeping this country alive and thriving. We are creating opportunity! Susan and I want to give YOU the opportunity to become a part of a Global Solution.

Next, take action.

Call us NOW to get your business qualified for the Small Business Stimulus Package! 1.877.330.9305

Graig Zapper


Zapper Credit Solutions, Inc.

Nevada State Corporate Network, Inc.


2 thoughts on “How to Avoid This Credit Crisis

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