Kansas City, Missouri Business Man Receives A $6.6 Million Dollar Bank Loan


DATE: 27 August 2009                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Kansas City, Missouri Business Man Receives A $6.6 Million Dollar Bank Loan – Las Vegas, Nevada

After being turned down by more than 50 banks, Zapper Credit Solutions transformed a Kansas City, Missouri business man into a creditworthy and bankable asset within 60 days. Who says you can’t get credit today?

It’s all in the presentation and knowing how to get the job done, says Graig Zapper, President of Zapper Credit Solutions. “On staff we have a team of former bank executives that have developed close relationships with numerous lenders across the country. It’s through these personal relationships that we can assure the approvals our clients need. There is a specific set of protocols that lenders are looking for, and over the course of nearly a decade we have learned exactly what the lenders want to see.”

Susan Zapper, CEO of Zapper Credit Solutions goes on to say, “The $6.6 Million Dollars we recently got for that Kansas City man is only one example of a loan approval. We have thousands of success stories. Over the past 10 years we have assisted over 30 thousand clients in achieving their corporate needs. Our team of highly trained Credit Coaches guides our clients through the process necessary to become creditworthy and bankable. You may not need to qualify for $6.6 Million Dollars, but no matter what the amount, we work just as hard for all of our clients. That’s why we are number one.”

Over the past year, hundreds of so called “Business Credit” companies have popped up, attempting to cash in on desperate business people who need money to save their businesses. They will gladly take your money, then provide little to no results. Zapper Credit Solutions is a subsidiary of Nevada State Corporate Network, Inc. (NSCN) one of the Nation’s largest and most prestigious full service incorporating and asset protection firms. NSCN and Zapper Credit Solutions occupy over 21,000 square feet of class “A” office space and employ nearly 100 professionals to service their clients. Unlike nearly all of their competitors, they proudly invite potential clients and clients alike to visit their prestigious Las Vegas, Nevada facility.

For your free business assessment please phone 866.854.5513 to speak with your expert business credit coach.


For additional information about Susan and Graig Zapper or about Zapper Credit Solutions or Nevada State Corporate Network, Inc. please visit



Nevada State Corporate Network, Inc., headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the fastest growing and is the largest business credit company in the nation. The company was established in 2001 in Las Vegas, NV by two visionaries named Susan and Graig Zapper. Both Susan and Graig Zapper recognized early on that most owners of small and medium-sized businesses were unaware of how to effectively grow their businesses and achieve their goals without affecting their personal credit. They developed a comprehensive system and methodology to assist business owners in achieving their goals and realizing their dreams with dramatic results.


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