Kinetic Origins of Rhythm: Right Music | Right Message

Kinetic Origins of Rhythm (KOR) is an electro-tribal performance troupe with a message of Oneness. One people. One planet. One Universe.

Towards the end of 2010, they completed their debut album after months of hard work. they are very happy with the results, but in the process of recording they managed to deplete their funds.

Now they want to get this show on the road! In January of 2011 they began working on their live show only to realize that to “do it right”, they needed more money.

In order to begin touring, they need a cargo van, a 3000 lumen video projector, a custom video screen, merchandise and miscellaneous production items.

They sat scratching their heads trying to figure out how to raise enough funds to create a professional stage production… Then, they found KICKSTARTER! They were elated to find such a wonderful forum. People empowering people to follow their dreams… what a concept! After donating to a few other great projects, they were inspired to submit their own.

They’re only a few steps away from completing a multimedia show complete with video, dancers, stage props, costumes, professional make-up — but more importantly, bringing a message of Oneness to people everywhere.

They hope that you and others will be inspired by their project!

For more information on our project, please visit their Donate at:


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