Opportunity presents itself in strange ways ;-))

One of my friends recently asked me how I am able to live the lifestyle I do…
So I told him… “I work my patooty off! No matter what the project, I know that hard work truly pays off.” This then led to this question… “But how are you making any money??? The economy is crap.”
My answer to this… “In the world that I live in, the economy is flourishing! When you choose to buy into all of the propaganda that is out there, then yes the economy is crap and you are a part of the recession. I, however, choose not to participate in a recession.” Hahaha. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s absolutely true ;-))

Along time ago, I learned that most money is made in a down economy (that’s a fact), and I am always on the lookout for opportunity. Sounds funny, I know, however, opportunity sometimes presents itself in very strange ways. A lot of times, most people won’t even recognize that there is opportunity right in from of them.

I have no secrets. Let’s face it, you meet new people on an everyday basis; and when you meet these people, one of the first questions you will be asked is “What do you do?” Which means, I am regularly presenting myself and any opportunity to everyone I come into contact with, right???

Wrong! Yes, I am presenting myself and “what I do” to new people, but what about the people I already know??? Duh!

Why am I not sharing any AMAZING business opportunities with you??? Why am I not sharing with you how I am able to be free in an economic environment most would call terrible???

Because we are friends, I know you have the will and drive to succeed, so I definitely need to share these opportunities with you ;-))

As you most likely already know, I have always surrounded myself with successful people (when you surround yourself with success, it tends to rub off), and every so often, the sky will open up and present an opportunity, so here is a great example of opportunity presenting itself to me ;-))

Recently I was introduced to a brilliant business man and his new company by one of my long time friends. When I heard the words “NEW Company” the bells went off! If he has a new company, that means he needs help! Granted, the company is in an industry that I have zero experience in, but that didn’t matter to me. What mattered was, who the management team consisted of and if they had systems that were easily implemented and duplicate-able.

Ding, ding, ding!!! The bells went off again! They have a management team second to none, with systems!!!!

DONE AND DONE! I’m on board! It was that simple ;-))

Now, after the first month of working in a partnership with this company, we are building the greatest team ever put together! Talk about the right place at the right time!!! And we are continuing to add to our team ;-)) The Company hasn’t even officially launched, and we’ve already made more than $720,000.00!! (And that’s without being able to use credit cards… for the first 90 days of prelaunch; we were only able to take checks!)

It’s crazy how life just happens if you let it.

Because we don’t officially launch until May, I would love for you to come on board as well. If you are looking for an opportunity to break free from the same old routine of living paycheck to paycheck, making the big money for others while you run yourself ragged every single day working to live and not being able to plan for your future or the future of the people you love and care about, then you may just want to have a chat with me ;-))

Just let me know that you are looking! It’s that simple.

So this is my new path in life.
This is how I am able to live the lifestyle I live.
This is how I am able to make money in a “crap economy” ;-))


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