“Help! I’m Slumping, And I Can’t Get A Sale!”

Gitomer | May 9, 2011

In a slump? Not making enough (or any) sales? Feel like you’re unable to get out of the rut? Is it the economy or is it YOU? Maybe you’re not in a big slump, but just can’t seem to hit the quota numbers. Let’s be kind and call it “sales underachievement.”

Don’t panic. Don’t press too hard. Don’t get down on yourself. Don’t get mad. And above all — don’t quit.

OK,OK, there’s a bit of slowdown, but don’t be too quick to blame your lack of performance on “it” before you take a hard look at “you.”

Take a closer look at “slump” before you blame “economy.” Here are the prime causes of sales slumps:

  • Poor belief system: I don’t believe that my company or product is the best. I don’t think that I’m the best.
  • Poor work habits: Getting to work late, or barely “on time.” Not spending your time with people who can say “yes.”
  • Mis-perceptions that lead to sour grapes: I think my prices are too high, or my territory is bad.
  • Outside pressure: Caused by money problems, family problems, or personal problems.
  • Poor personal habits: Too much drink, too much food, or too much after hours play.
  • Boss giving crap instead of support: Someone who says, “You better do it,” instead of, “I know you can do it.”
  • Events that go against you: New salesperson passes you, someone else gets promoted and you knew it should have been you.
  • Customers cancel a big order: Weakening your personal belief or causing severe money problems — or both.
  • Getting depressed: From any of the above.

When you’re in a sump, you begin to press for orders instead of working on your best game plan (which is: “sell to help the other person,” and let your sincerity of purpose shine through). When you have the pressure to sell, the prospect senses it, and backs off. Then things get worse. You can’t seem to sell at all, and begin to panic. Oh my gosh, I can’t sell a thing, I’ll get fired, miss my house payment, can’t pay my bills- Aaaahhhhh! False fear.

Relax, you’re better than that.

What causes a slump? You do. Therefore, you are the best (only) person to fix it.


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