Social Media and its users afraid of change…???

Winston Churchill once said: “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”

I fully agree and believe these changes are definitely in the right directions ;-)))

We are not only witnessing changes being made to social platforms in this “Game of games” between G+ and FB… we are all participating in a historical moment. This new technology we are being exposed to and “forced” to use is monumental in how we communicate with our friends and family (which by any means is fantastic.) However, what really stands out to me is how this all changes the face of business. How this completely changes marketing strategies. How leads will be acquired. How SEO is done. The new metrics involved with tracking conversion. How we brand. How you tell your story. How you provide your customer service. I could literally go on and on!

Things change all of the time… think of it this way,
(If you have read this on my wall before, just read it again and think about it…)
It’s quite interesting that change has such a bad reputation in our society…. change is necessary in life, it keeps us moving … it keeps us growing… it keeps us interested …. Imagine life without change. It would be static and boring and dull ;-))

Lets the games continue! (We the users are the winners :-P)


One thought on “Social Media and its users afraid of change…???

  1. Interesting post, I just like the way you write out this post. Just bookmarked your blog and will visit at least once a week.

    Please do feel free to email me if you have some exclusive information on this topic.


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